Fleet & driver management.

Logistics meets delivery service

You might know it: You order a pizza via delivery service to your home and are continuously informed about the status of your order: Order has been received, order is being prepared, order has been shipped, order has been delivered. During delivery, you can even watch in real time which route the driver is taking to your home.

Wie wäre es, diesen Komfort in der Logistik Ihres Unternehmens zu erhalten? Whether your customers or you yourself want to see the current status of your product deliveries: With the help of mobile apps used by your specialist staff, you can track where a delivery is at any time in real time and, if necessary, be informed about it by push message. For this purpose, the apps (if desired) transmit the geo position of the transporter / truck at regular intervals and the specialist personnel can enter / view details of the delivery directly on the smartphone. Through a connection to existing systems, this data can be directly saved and viewed by other employees.

Save unnecessary communication effort through phone calls etc. as it is always clear where a delivery is located. Take the next step in logistics and digitalize your processes with the help of mobile technologies!

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