Concise management, legal certainty

You regularly have to document the results of your work and back them up for a specified period of time for legal reasons? Your field staff regularly capture unnecessary or incorrect content with your cameras for this purpose? You would like to standardize the entire process of documenting your work and provide it with an appealing user interface?

Use mobile apps to document your results and enrich textual content with valuable metadata such as GPS coordinates or with multimedia content such as photos, videos, etc.

Use the speech recognition of your mobile device to dictate transcripts and directly connect existing interfaces of your ERP system. Ensure through the app that this content is always stored in the same format and style.

This way, you always receive the summary of your work in a consistent form and quality, you can time-stamp the results and store them in the (company's own) cloud with multiple backups. No more long searches for the contents of a project. No more confusing on-site data entry.

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