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Regardless of the size of your project: our approach can always be roughly outlined as follows. We have had very good experiences with this approach with our clients and achieved optimal results.

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Concept & Ideas
After several years in the field of app and web development, we know the challenges that arise in the course of a software life cycle. At the beginning of every project, we therefore conduct a conception phase in which we discuss the requirements of the project with you and point out possible stumbling blocks. After the detailed concept has been created, however, the conception phase is not yet over. Through an agile development process, we can iteratively make additions and improvements to your product. We know from experience: Many points only become clear when you hold a first prototype in your hand. We would be happy to start with a concept workshop or carry out a feasibility study for you even before the project begins. Many things that initially seem too complex can be cast into a simple concept with the right technologies and developed as an impressive product.
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The design of an application is the first contact point of the user. Different requirements and constraints have to be considered depending on the individual project: e.g. a website should display and behave well on all different kind of devices. The design of an app must comply with the design guidelines provided by Apple and Google. We know which design and operating concepts are currently en vogue.

For the graphical realization we rely on the latest technologies. Colors, fonts, spacing, animations and shapes: Everything is coordinated with you in detail to provide you with the best possible user experience.
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We develop with modern development tools and programming languages. The quality and stability of your software is close to our hearts. Our developers work on your product with passion and fresh ideas.

Agile processes allow you to influence development at an early stage. Something is not going in the direction you expected? No problem! In the next development cycle, their wish is directly adapted.

Early prototypes and cyclical processes show you the current development status at any time.
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External Services
You already have an existing application from which you want to read out the data? You want to connect an existing hardware with an app? Do you want your application to communicate with any Bluetooth device? No problem! In the age of the Internet of Things, more and more things are being networked with each other. Create added value in your application and let us realise the connection to existing systems.

We have already networked numerous devices in the past and controlled them via app and web application. Contact us and together we will consider how to set up your product as a distributed system.
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Quality Assurance
Only through regular and extensive testing the quality of a software can be guaranteed. We achieve high quality standards through automated processes and exploratory testing on our current mobile hardware.

Our device pool consists of numerous mobile devices from different manufacturers and operating system versions. Regardless of whether it's a responsive web application or an app, we can specifically recreate the errors of individual users and already proactively carry out tests on various devices.
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Operation & Support
Once your product is developed and live, the work continues: users want new features, you have more ideas, the system grows. We accompany you in the process of further requirements analysis and in the support of your live systems.

Our focus is on ensuring system stability and possible bug fixes. Due to short development cycles, we can quickly provide further versions of your software and thus continuously improve your product together with you.
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