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Have app programmed

Smartphones or tablets enable daily, mobile use of a wide variety of applications.
Therefore, many companies, founders or private individuals have their own app developed for their product or processes. Regardless of whether they are end customers or employees. For field staff, for example, a mobile solution is ideal for working or accessing information/data on the go.
As app experts, we advise and accompany you through all phases of app development and implement your app programming for you exactly as we have worked out together.

Through a professionally programmed app, they place their product perfectly in the market

What exactly should you know about this?

In app programming, there are mainly two operating systems (iOS or Android programming). These systems differ by different programming languages.
We will advise you on all technical programming options and how to perfectly place your product in the market.
App programming is based on a successfully developed concept (link to it). Before you realize your app idea, an app concept is mandatory.

The app concept includes the following clues, among others:

  • Costs
  • Scope/volume
  • Target group analysis
  • Elaboration of various app functions
  • Usability
  • App designs (UI/UX)
  • Technical features
  • App programming
  • Quality assurance
  • Marketing/distribution channels/app stores

Native -or web- apps are variants in programming, which we describe in more detail below.

Native app:
Native apps are explicitly written for a specific operating system. We primarily offer development for iOS and Android. Due to our many years of experience, we are able to develop specialized apps on these platforms with the highest possible quality. The clear advantage in native app development is that there are no limits to features and they can be optimally supported by the operating system.

Web App:
Web apps offer easy ways to develop app platforms independently, implemented using website technologies. Any modern end device can be reached easily as long as the functions are kept very simple and no operating system functions or device resources, such as the camera or sensors, are required. If they do, the applications are still programmable, but provide increased maintenance after initial development. The Web App is usually the more cost-effective option compared to the Native App.

We advise you individually on your product and show you the advantages and disadvantages of different programming variants.

How do you recognize a professional provider?

Pay attention to the following provider characteristics:

  • Professional corporate identity / website
  • Team composition: Make sure that there are employees with explicit specialist qualifications or individual developers who can handle all areas perfectly.
    Get an individual offer. No building blocks or ready-made packages should be offered.
  • Cost transparency: Which components of the implementation of your project will cause which effort? For example, can you remove individual functions or features to reduce the overall scope? If necessary, it does not make sense to implement all conceivable functions in the first version.
  • Intensive consultation / personal meeting: You should arrange a personal conversation or meeting at least via video call. This is the only way to get to know the people who will implement your project. Only assign your project to an agency if you have a positive feeling and have gained a good impression
  • Joint concept development: Be sure to ask questions about alternative implementation options. An agency with a lot of experience will also be able to make suggestions for enhancements. Maybe other approaches make more sense because they promise more functions for less effort. But they may also be able to point out potential pitfalls that could lead to problems during implementation or later marketing to your target group
  • Quality features
  • References / customer testimonials
  • Overview of already completed projects
Questions and descriptions of all the company quality features that you need to ask -and pay attention:

How long has the company been on the market?

How many employees are there?

How many projects have already been completed?

How many years has the company been in the market?

What testimonials are there?

Are there any certifications?

You should always pay attention to the following?

Always keep an eye on your analyzed target group during the entire app development. They should be able to use your app easily and with pleasure in the future.
Let us advise you on the target-oriented sales process for your app. If your product is to be placed in the App Store and/or Play Store, it will also have its own rules and regulations, which we will be happy to inform you about.

The following questions often arise in this context:

1. How does an app review process work?

2. Does the test phase cost anything?

3. Which guidelines must generally be observed?

4. Which accounts are required for publication? And what do they cost?

5. What other services are needed for functions such as push messages?

These are the mistakes you should avoid

Lack of preparation for your app idea and for its further development and implementation is harmful. Work and research thoroughly before you start implementing the product.
Always work in accordance with your app concept, which will support you until the app launch and beyond. Maintain constant communication with your app developer so that any sources of error can be eliminated or adjustments and improvements can be implemented directly.
Work continuously on your marketing strategy during the app development. As soon as your app has been programmed and launched, you can take off immediately and optimally position your product in the market.

Your advantages when you have your app programmed by us

With us, you have a team of qualified employees who are passionate about programming apps. Years of experience help us prepare you for all eventualities in your app development. We accompany and advise you intensively throughout the entire process and guide you reliably and professionally through all phases of your product development.
Get to know us. We look forward to a personal exchange with you.

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