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App Design

App design includes many specifics that need to be considered in app development.

It is not only about the visual appearance, but also about liking colorful or textual content. Primarily, it revolves around simple functionality and user-friendly interactions within the app.

The end user or the determined target group of the product gets a total package of perfect technical functionalities, appealing design and best usability.

Clean structures are an one-of essential of app design
Clear structures and concepts are the key to the success of an app design

What is app design?

App design is significantly used to reach the specific target audience of an app in the best possible way.

App design is part of app development and includes logos, layouts, icons, fonts, colors and much more. In the following sections, we will also discuss the terms user interface design (UI design for short) and user experience design (UX design for short).

What does this take into account?

With an appropriate app design, you not only provide your brand or product with recognition, but also with added value.

The modern appearance of your app serves to establish itself ideally in all areas. Irrespective of whether it is a company-internal app or an app that is published in the App or Play stores.

Targeted app design permanently grabs the attention of your users.

In order to constantly optimize your app, we analyze user behavior on an ongoing basis.

The so-called app design layout is designed to ensure that end users can use all functions of the app equally well, regardless of the device (tablets, notebooks or smartphones). We implement different layout variants for your product so that your users can optimally operate the app on all screen sizes.

The menu structure must also be simple and clear; the navigation well thought out and intuitive.

We ask our customers in advance whether a CI or other specifications for the design already exist. If this is not the case, we develop an individual concept for your app. The same applies to logo development, illustrations or other graphics.

Process: These are the questions you should ask yourself before you start

The app design process already appears in your app concept. Write down all the important requirements to avoid misunderstandings later in the implementation.
Function and interaction of the product: Before implementation, determine what your app should achieve with the user through its appearance and communication. Therefore, always ask yourself:

  • For whom should the app be created?
  • What do you want the app to do?
  • What is the app needed for?
Analyze your target audience. Only through this information you can create the app design.

Other factors for app design include:

  • Ease of use / control
  • Functions of the app
  • Color choice / typography
  • General style of the app
  • Clarity in the app structure

Importance of UI & UX design

UI design focuses on the visual design and perception of the app. Optimally designed elements create an intuitive and appealing use of the application for the user.

UX design, on the other hand, achieves the feeling that the app is a positive and self-evident experience when used.

In the context of UI and UX design, the terms "look and feel" often come up. It describes the connection between human and machine. Without this interface, the product would not work.

the usability and layout of an app are key factors for a good app design
Good usability and an appealing presentation form the basis for a functioning app design

A short outlook on app trends should not be missing. Orientations on already existing apps as well as app design inspirations are part of it. On the other hand, there is no such thing as a standstill. Everything is in flux. As you know from other industries (e.g. fashion, architecture, automotive, interior design), apps also go through their trends.

Trends for 2023 and beyond have already emerged in recent months.

Minimalism: "Less is more." Minimalism represents simple shapes, clean lines and yet absolute functionality of individual elements. Expressive typographies and a monochromatic color selection come to the forefront of the design. Despite the reduced and intuitive navigation, the user is provided with all operating options in a simple way. Empty spaces (white color spaces) make the product appear elegant and high-quality.

Flat Design: The functionality of an application is simply designed. Characteristics of flat design are individual colors and illustrations, simple graphics, renunciation of textures, spatial depth and gimmicks. The typographies and content are the focus. Apps can usually be loaded and operated more quickly with this design style.

Material Design: Material Design is the design language invented by Google to create websites and apps. This can create uniform systems for devices or platforms. Adjustments can be made quickly and at any time. Main components of the design language are e.g. navigation, colors, icons, illustrations, shapes, communication, interaction and environment.

Neo-Brutalism: Refers from the architecture of the 50s to 70s a bare, simple, almost unfinished design of raw concrete. Neo-Brutalism favors minimalist aesthetics, greatly simplifying the structure of the layout. Text elements are also emphasized here, hardly any graphics or illustrations.

Escapism: Alternative realities can also be created through app design. The word escapism describes exactly this. Users are increasingly escaping into futuristic worlds far removed from reality and everyday life. Places/worlds are shown that you would like to travel to or dive into directly.

Neumorphism: Shows the users shadows and colorful, flowing gradients. These are intended to create a plastic effect in the app.

Nostalgic, isometric illustrations: In addition, there are nostalgic, isometric illustrations, such as graphics, symbols or cartoon characters. These are presented to specific target groups in new editions. App users are immersed in the past, which makes them happy.

App trends can therefore appeal to and enchant different generations. No matter what the product is, you can reach your analyzed target groups through trends and a successful app design.

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