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App development costs

App development costs are based on the requirements profile of your app idea. Ideally, you develop the requirements profile in the form of a concept with your agency before the actual programming.
The app concept is developed in close communication with your app developer.
App development costs are based on the scope and complexity of your app idea.  Once your app concept is successfully developed, the agency can provide you with a binding offer.
Due to a mature app conceptualization, there will be no discrepancies regarding budget, app functions, app design or the completion period.

Optimal preparation as well as a close exchange with their developer prevent a cost explosion to their app idea

Cost expectations

Our task as an experienced app development agency is to reconcile your expectations of app costs and the resulting benefits of your finished product.
For example, with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP for short), we offer you the opportunity to have your product tested by users through a prototype before it is even completely finished.
Such prototypes are ideal for trade fairs and other presentations. Your product idea can not only be teased there, but also tested directly by interested parties.

What is the benefit of this procedure for you?

  • You receive immediate feedback on your product
  • Avoidance of undesirable developments
  • Possible improvements can be implemented directly
  • Feedback on content
  • Insights into user behavior regarding UX and UI

What factors can influence the process?

Pricing calculations for your app idea are influenced by certain factors. The cost of your app development is related to the requirement profile of your app.

For example, it involves the following:

  • Functions of your app, which are most precisely formulated through user stories
  • Desired app design (UI/UX)
  • Specific features
  • Specific requirements by the target audience
  • App and backend programming
  • Quality assurance and testing phases before your app is launched
  • After-sales service (how does the app retain its appeal / possible app optimizations by the developer)
  • Sales and marketing strategy

Beyond the named features, the time window in which your app will be developed as well as programmed is a factor. The always close communication exchange with your developer agency prevents unnecessary correction loops in the individual phases and processes from the very beginning. Avoid extra costs as a result (see MVP).
Regular jour fixes help to take changes in the requirements into account or also to correct errors directly.

We will be happy to make you an individual offer

As an experienced app developer agency, we bring your product to market in a smooth process.
Talk to us about your app idea in a joint initial appointment. The initial appointment can take place either in person or through a video call. Once we have outlined all the information and possible implementation options with you, we will provide you with a professional and transparent price calculation for your product.
The subsequent elaboration of your app concept includes all previously discussed steps and the implementation can be started.
Learn more about our portfolio of already successfully completed projects.
We advise you in detail about your app idea and your product and look forward to hearing from you.

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