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App Development Agency

App developer agencies work for companies, entrepreneurs, founders or private individuals. They develop and implement individual, digital solutions for apps and web applications. These are mainly programmed for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

We accompany you from your app idea to the digital transformation of your business model

WAPP GmbH - Your App Development Agency

WAPP GmbH is an app agency and has been developing iOS and Android apps as well as modern web applications for more than 10 years. We serve well-known customers from a wide range of industries.
Our office locations are in Dortmund and Bielefeld.
Our entire team has years of experience in this business. We accompany you from your app idea to the digital transformation of your business model.

Our service offer

As an app developer agency, we offer you a wide range of services.
First get into the consulting and conception phase (see App Concept) with us. This phase describes everything that matters in the later versions. Your idea will be precisely thought through, discussed and documented.

Once the app concept is completed, we move on to the design stage with you. The eye "operates" with you. Among other things, we work with you on the ideal color scheme, graphic representations, fonts or animations and present you with modern operating concepts for your app idea (more under App Design).

Once the design has been agreed upon, the development takes place. We provide you with prototypes of your app at an early stage so that you can influence the development cycle at any time. Your app is created using modern programming languages and development tools.

In addition to the development of new individual applications, we always try to find the optimal solution for you. This also concerns, for example, the networking of existing data from software systems already in use or the integration of further hardware (such as industrial scanners, printers, smartwatches, wearables, and much more).

Once your app is on its way to completion, we offer you the comprehensive service of quality assurance. This service is necessary for every product.

In order to ensure the best possible quality of your solution, we draw on our own pool of different manufacturer devices and operating system versions.

Your app is finally successfully launched, in operation and you notice that your users want more features: We also accompany this process with you. For this purpose, further requirement analyses are determined and your live systems are supported by us.

Why customers choose us

We are a young, innovative team that is passionate about programming apps and modern web applications. We as an app developer agency are characterized by a flat hierarchy, so that important decisions can be made quickly and easily. After many years of experience in the field of app development, we apply our expert knowledge to every project anew.

We have short communication channels and can be reached quickly. You can talk to us at any time about your thoughts and ideas on the current project.

Our personal and long-lasting customer relationship is based on joint workshops, regular meetings and our wide range of services.

We have short communication channels and can be reached quickly. Exchange your app ideas with us at any time

This is how we proceed with the implementation of your app idea

Below you can see the chronological process from your app idea to its implementation:

  1. App conception
  2. App design
  3. Technical conception
  4. Programming
  5. Quality assurance
  6. Publishing
  7. Support & Operation

What costs can you expect for an assignment?

We measure the costs according to the scope, the features to be implemented in an app and the complexity of the app system.

The scope is made up of the following components:

  • Number of different views of an app
  • The sum of all objects displayed and processed, such as (user profiles, news articles, readings, photos, videos, messages, products, etc.)
  • The set of different target devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop browser, desktop apps).

Features in an app include the following:

  • Push messages
  • Use of media from the camera or gallery
  • Multi-language support
  • GPS location and navigation
  • Offline capability
  • Audio recording
  • Barcode or QR code scanning
  • In-app purchases
  • User profiles
  • Chats
  • Connection of devices via Bluetooth
  • Control of smart home devices
  • Connection of industrial scanners/printers

Complexity describes the overall scope of work of a developing app.

What does this mean for my individual app offering?

  • We can explain the complexity of your desired app idea through our many years of experience and show you possible options. From the overall project, we can finally evaluate the effort for you in the short term
  • It depends on the number of processes and the different flow variations of the operations, which we develop and record transparently with you
  • The logic/stringency required for processing and displaying data is also taken into account.
  • Connections of other systems and the networking of further data increase the complexity of the app

A small app project with low scope, few features and low complexity starts with us from 10,000 EUR net.

For further information please contact us. We are looking forward to your request.

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