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App Concept

Professional preparation is required for the implementation of an app. We carry out the preparation together with you in the form of a concept. The resulting app concept essentially contains your ideas and requirements for the application, as well as further additions, which we work out together with you. Based on the app concept, the app can then be programmed (see App Programming) and thus serves the common understanding of the further procedure.

A perfectly elaborated app concept is the most important thing you need for your app idea
Mature app conceptualization does not create any inconsistencies in terms of budget, app features, app design, and completion timeframe.

In the following paragraph, we will explain how the collaboration works during an app conception.

Within the creative app concept phase, the later value of the app is determined and the benefit of the final overall product is developed. From all the questions posed in advance, we develop the app concept together with you.

Which components are relevant?

  • Description of all requirements that are jointly developed from the app concept questions.
  • User stories that describe the individual possible interactions of the app users with the app. The user story always has the approach: "I, as a user of the app, can perform a certain function to achieve a certain result"
  • A concept for the implementation of the required databases, servers and systems that should and must be integrated

Questions within the process

Based on the conceptual elaboration, we ask you questions that simply describe the objective of the app.

  • Who is the target audience?
  • How many users are expected to use the app/website (simultaneously)?
  • What are the benefits of the app for the target audience and how do you want them to use the app?
  • Is there a business or monetization model to the desired app?
  • What are the specific requirements for the app? Which ones should you consider?
  • Which platforms and devices should be supported? Android/iOS? Tablets/smartphones?
  • Is there any existing content, data, systems or programs internal to the company that should be linked to the app?
  • How should the app be distributed? App stores? In-house distribution?
  • In what languages should the app be offered?
  • Do app contents need to be able to be managed in an administration interface?
  • How should the app be marketed?

The jointly developed app concept also provides information on various topics, such as:  Data protection, integration of special devices (e.g. industrial scanners, smart watches, smart home, fitness trackers). Already existing designs and logos are also taken into account.

Certain app features also need to be considered in the app concept:

  • Navigation
  • Photo or video recording
  • Sharing of app content
  • Push messages
  • Augmented reality
  • In-app purchases
  • Chat capabilities

How should I prepare myself as a customer?

We advise and accompany you intensively through all phases of app conception
  • As a customer, you do not need extensive preparation. We discuss with you all necessary steps and open points
  • We advise you on your decisions about different possibilities/variants to realize certain functions and achieve your goals
  • Your notes and thoughts about your desired app are completely sufficient to work out the app concept together with us
  • The app concept is our joint result for you to enter the development phase

Your app will be developed to simplify various processes. The core factors are time, ease of use, profit, accessibility, mobility, multilingualism, monetization and more. Through precise app conceptualization, you will achieve a clear picture of your initial vision.

Why should you do the app conception with us?

Since the dawn of smartphones and apps, our team has experience with app development and conception.

We serve clients of all sizes: Startups, small -and medium-sized businesses, corporations, state and federal government agencies.

Our expertise in distributed systems development goes beyond app development to cloud computing, machine learning, augmented reality, interface and API integrations, database programming, and custom API development for all your needs.

We understand your users! Why?

Through years of experience in UX and UI design of apps, as well as years of experience designing and drafting apps. Design processes are done in close coordination with our development teams.

We see ourselves not only as a first-class service provider, but also as a reliable business partner in all app concept phases, from development to successful implementation and placement of the app.


The app concept ideally prepares you and us for the implementation and development of your app. Your ideas will be specified and all your questions regarding the implementation will be answered by us.

In the end, you will have transparency regarding costs, design details, technical feasibility, or how to address the target group.

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